SUP Dove Lake in the Cradle Mountain National Park, USA


Dove Lake sits at the base of Tasmania's sixth-highest peak, Cradle Mountain with its rugged rocky outcrops and alpine vegetation. It provides spectacular vistas in every direction.

The lake is accessible by vehicle and yet still retains that feeling of unspoilt wilderness. The water changes from bright blue to eerie jet black depending on the weather and although its flat water, you can almost get surfing when the wind picks up.

There are a couple of sneaky little beaches that you can easily launch from to avoid the crowds at the iconic boat shed. The water isn't as icy as you might expect especially over the summer months and paddling a mountain lake provides a welcome change of scenery from the usual ocean paddling.


  • Paddling on an alpine lake so close to the mountains that you can almost touch them.
  • You can bag a mountain summit and tick off a lake circuit in the same day if you’re keen.
  • The refreshing mountain air makes you feel alive.
  • Its absolute magic to be able to enjoy uninterrupted 360 degree views of the mountain and its sister peaks, besides that paddling is way quicker than walking!!

Route Directions

  1. Park in the car park at Cradle Mountain National Park
  2. Buy a bus ticket to Dove Lake from the Visitor Centre

Local Knowledge

  • Sat Nav

    41.8333° S, 146.0000° E

  • Nearest Parking

    There is a car park in the national park and then catch a bus to Dove Lake.

  • Launch Point

    There are a couple of little beaches you can easily launch from to avoid the crowds at the iconic boat shed.

Things to Know

  • Weather permitting, the area is suitable for all levels of paddler.
  • The lake is pretty clear of obstacles with only a few submerged rocks and tree branches.
  • The main thing to be aware of is the weather - the wind can howl down off the mountain and hypothermia is possible if you let your body temperature get too cold.