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Man fitting Red Original RSS batten
by Alex Clasper

What Are The Benefits Of Red Paddle RSS Battens?

Patented Red Paddle RSS battens enhance the stiffness of our boards, drastically boosting performance. Find out how this innovative technology works. 

Man sat on bike wearing Red Original long sleeved performance top
by Luke Green

Road Biking For Beginners - 5 Tips From Veteran Road Cyclists

Our handy guide on-road biking for beginners contains the top tips you need to take to the roads safely & become a pro in no time. Find out more.

Two women running wearing Red Original performance t-shirts
by Alex Clasper

Preparing For A Half-Marathon - 5 Training Tips For Beginners

Preparing for a half-marathon and not sure where to start? From an equipment checklist to tips for overcoming mental barriers. Read our five-step guide…

Beginner's Guide To Lake Swimming In Summer
by Luke Green

Beginner's Guide To Lake Swimming In Summer

How To Choose The Best Sailing Clothes For Summer 2022?
by Alex Clasper

How To Choose The Best Sailing Clothes For Summer 2022?

In order to enjoy summer sailing to the max, it's crucial to choose the best sailing clothes. Get ready for summer 2022 with this handy guide.

Woman carrying Red Original cool bag backpack in grey
by Luke Green

Top 5 Summer Activities A Cool Bag Backpack Is Perfect For

Built with adventure in mind, a cool bag backpack offers a lightweight & comfy way to transport your favourite refreshments this summer. Find out more. 

Woman carrying Red Original SUP out of water
by Alex Clasper

Why A Red Paddle Board Should Be Your Next Choice Of SUP

Looking for a SUP upgrade? Find your perfect SUP from the world's no.1 inflatable paddle board brand.  Here are 5 reasons to choose a Red paddle board.

Two women doing yoga on Red Original Active MSL paddle boards
by Luke Green

How To Choose The Perfect SUP Yoga Paddle Board

Can't get enough of SUP yoga? Looking to find a board that will help you perfect your skills? Find the perfect SUP yoga board using the following guide. 

Man holding Red Original waterproof pouch
by Alex Clasper

Why A Waterproof Pouch Is The Ultimate Holiday Accessory?

Whether you're planning an action-packed adventure, cultural city break or serene beach retreat, a waterproof pouch is a holiday essential. Find out why.