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How To Choose The Correct Size Red Original Pro Change Robe

Posted by Luke Green

The Red Original Pro Change Robe is perfect for keeping you warm when enjoying outdoor activities, whatever the weather, whilst providing a practical outdoor changing solution. Our design team has put a lot of thought and time into perfecting the choice of materials and how they’re cut. This is to ensure that our waterproof changing robe sits and falls in a flattering way, whilst providing maximum coverage. The fabrics and design techniques that we use ensure our waterproof changing robe looks good whilst protecting against the wind, rain and the cold. Finding the perfect size Red Original Pro Change Robe is key for maximising its benefits, so how do you know which size is right for you?

If your Red changing robe fits correctly, it should fall just below the knee, whilst still offering plenty of coverage and length in the sleeves - The sleeve coverage will of course differ depending on whether you choose the long or short sleeve version.The size of the Red Original Pro Change Robe is based on height as follows:

  • Adult Small = 5’ to 5 ‘3”
  • Adult Medium = 5’ 4” to 5’10”
  • Adult Large = 5’11” to 6’3”
  • Adult Extra Large = 6’4” to 6’8” 
  • Kids Small = 4’2” to 5’

This is a basic sizing guide based on the user's height, however it does offer flexibility, based on your requirements. If you are on the cusp of any of the sizes, you can choose to size up or size down, based on what you find most comfortable and the activities that you’ll be using the robe for. For example, if you are 5’10”, either the adult medium or adult large may be suitable, depending on your individual preferences. If you’re using the Red Original Pro Change Robe primarily for changing purposes, it makes sense to opt for the larger size to ensure you’ll have unrestricted movement. However, if you want to wear a waterproof changing robe for activities such as hiking or sailing, you may want it to be more fitted. Ultimately it comes down to what you find most comfortable and practical for the outdoor activities you enjoy the most. 

Making sure you choose the right size Red Original Pro Change Robe is important for ensuring that you’re comfortable and that the robe looks great, as well as ensuring you’re fully maximising the changing robe’s technical aspects. These include: 

  • Longer robe length design with stretch side panels for unrestricted and concealed changing 
  • Toggled hood construction 
  • Multiple inner and outer secure storage pockets 
  • 5 popper wind baffle 
  • Breathable and waterproof outer shell 
  • Soft fleece moisture-wicking lining 
  • Long sleeves with adjustable velcro cuffs 
  • Compact size fits into 10L dry bag 
  • Easy hold YKK two-way zip 
  • Ultra lightweight design, fits easily into compression stash bag or 10L dry bag (sold separately)

If you’d like further advice on choosing the correct size Red Original Pro Change Robe, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.