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5 Paddle Board Activities To Try Before The End Of Summer

Posted by Luke Green

Sunny season is undoubtedly the best time to go paddleboarding, but as September fast approaches, it might feel like you’ve missed the opportunity to properly enjoy the water. While it can feel like summer has gone by in a flash, there is still plenty of time to dust off your SUP and paddle in the open. Try out one of these paddle board activities and make the most of the warmer weather. 

Hit The Waves

There are a number of similarities between paddleboarding and surfing, but few people realise that you can actually combine the two! SUP surfing is a fantastic paddle boarding activity that merges the adrenaline of surfing with a more traditional SUP technique. It’s a particularly great activity to try in summer if you are already relatively confident standing up on your Red paddleboard as you’ll have the power of the waves to contend with while staying balanced. However, if you’re ready to face the challenge, SUP surfing should be right at the top of your late summer bucket list.

Enjoy Mindfulness

Paddleboarding has a great range of mindfulness benefits which can offer welcome respite during the busy summer period. One of the main paddle board activities you can get involved in to unlock these benefits is SUP yoga which offers challenge and serenity in equal measure. Balancing on the board helps to improve your core strength and focus and is a great way to connect with nature before the summer months are up.

Challenge Yourself

If you are more competitively inclined, why not join or hold a paddle board race in your area? SUP racing is a great paddle board activity to try if you want to challenge yourself this summer as the dry weather conditions mean that there aren’t any additional obstacles during your race. Plus, if you decide to get together and challenge your friends then this paddle board activity is a great way to have a social experience on your SUP.

Family Fun

If the kids are on their school holidays and you are looking for ways to keep them entertained, paddleboarding is the perfect activity. Not only is spending time together on the water a great paddle board activity, but it’s also a fantastic way to build the confidence of your children and spend time together as a family this summer. Start off by going somewhere quiet and make sure you read our top tips for paddleboarding with kids before venturing out. 

Take The Dog

Once you’ve enjoyed some time on the water with the kids, extend your paddleboarding experience to the rest of your family and bring the dog along too! Safety is of utmost importance if you are going to paddle with your pooch. You’ll need a dog buoyancy aid and a lot of patience at first, but once you’re all comfortable this paddle board activity offers a unique way to spend time with your pet and create long-lasting memories.