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7 Health Benefits Of Swimming In Cold Ocean Water

Posted by Alex Clasper

Taking a dip in cold ocean water does a lot more than just waking you up! In fact it has numerous health and fitness benefits that you may not have heard of. Aside from  providing the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors, cold water swimming does wonders for your physical and mental health. Thinking of taking the plunge? These are just a few of the main health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water:

Improving Circulation 

One of the most significant health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water is its role in improving circulation. Cold water forces the lymphatic vessels to contract, pumping lymphatic fluids throughout the body. Safe, repeated exposure to the cold helps the body to adapt to the change in temperature which over time helps to improve the overall health of the body’s circulatory system.

Boosting Your Immune System

There are links to suggest that swimming in cold water helps to regulate the activity of the immune system. It has been suggested that regularly taking a dip in cold water helps to increase your white blood cell count and antioxidants. Over time, this will help to improve your body’s resistance to illness and infection. 

Burning Calories

When you swim in cold water, your body needs to work harder to keep warm. Not only does this provide the body with a great cardiovascular workout, it also increases the number of calories that are burned in comparison to other exercise. For example, swimming in cold ocean water burns a much greater number of calories than swimming in a pool, whilst helping to boost your metabolism at the same time.

Helping You Sleep Better

Another one of the most useful health benefits of swimming in cold water is its role in helping to improve sleep. According to research, cold water stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body to rest and repair itself. This encourages a feeling of relaxation and calm which is conducive to a great night’s sleep. 

Reducing Inflammation

Iced baths are used by athletes all over the world to help their muscles recover after exercise. That’s why it’s not surprising that one of the main health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water is decreasing inflammation of your muscles. This is because the cold water narrows the arteries and regulates blood flow. Whilst reducing inflammation, this may also help to soothe pain.

Improving Skin

Another one of the health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water is improving skin. Why is ocean water good for skin? The magnesium, calcium and potassium that are found in ocean water do wonders for the skin, helping it to look more radiant and healthy. The natural minerals that are found in saltwater all help to exfoliate, fortify and rejuvenate the skin. 

Boosting Mental Wellbeing

Not all of the health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water are physical. In fact, swimming in the sea has a number of mental benefits. Cold water swimming helps you to be mindful and present, which ultimately works to reduce anxiety and stress. It also releases endorphins, giving swimmers a real high and helping to combat a low mood. In addition to this, the mental benefits of being immersed in nature and away from the stresses of everyday life speak for themselves.

When cold water swimming, it’s important to enter the water slowly so that your body can acclimatise to the change in temperature. It’s also essential to warm up properly afterwards. The Red Original waterproof changing robe is fitted with a moisture wicking fleece lining that is perfect for helping swimmers dry off and get warm quickly once they exit the water. This is essential for keeping yourself healthy and for enjoying that post-swim glow! For more guidance on essential safety whilst cold water swimming, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.