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Ambassador Spotlight | Marybeth, Paddle Adventurer

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Words by Marybeth Paddle Adventurer

I did a lot of research before buying my first paddle board. I wanted to invest in something that I could rely on and that would last me a long time. Not only from a safety standpoint but an environmental one too. I decided on the Red Paddle Co 11’3” Sport.

At the time, I already had a love for paddle boarding, but little did I know what opportunities would arise from my new investment and hobby. I’ve met some wonderful people, learned, and gained a new perspective of my local natural areas, paddled beautiful places while traveling, and launched a lifestyle I never even dreamed of.

Because I purchased a Red Paddle Co board, I knew it would be durable and that I would be able to depend on it. I have never worried about the board’s performance; I can focus on the adventure and having fun.

If you follow me on social media you know I love to go on ‘advenchas’! Being out in nature and on the water sparks my zest for life, creativity, and imagination. As my types of adventures have grown so has my collection of paddle boards and I am lucky to own more than one.

Last year I went on my first SUP backcountry/wild camping trip using the 13’2” Voyager. It handled the extra weight and paddling further distance like a dream. Using a paddle board for backcountry paddling was fun, exciting, and offered something different than using a canoe or kayak. I already have another trip planned this summer!

I also took the 9’6” Compact traveling with me to Western Canada and Florida. The board’s lightness and ability to pack into half the size of a normal iSUP make it easy to travel with and reach remote locations. This smaller lightweight board is also my go-to for exploring local creeks since it's super easy to carry to the launch.

I love sharing my experiences, exploring, taking care of our natural world and meeting new people. I can’t wait to see what adventures are around the corner!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to say hi and come join the advenchas on YouTube

Marybeth (she/her), Paddle Adventurer is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (traditional territories of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Mississaugas). She creates fun, engaging and educational content for outdoor recreation & travel with the main focus on paddle boarding.

Photo credits: Tony F Photography