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What Makes Red Original’s Performance Clothing Stand Out?

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Whether you’re missing the final piece of motivation for your New Year fitness resolution or you simply want to upgrade your equipment to perform at your best, performance clothing is an essential piece of the exercise puzzle. But what actually is performance clothing, and where should you get yours?

What Is Performance Clothing?

Simply put, performance clothing is apparel that’s been made with a technical construction that’s designed to enhance the wearer’s performance when doing sports and exercising. Specialist features may include the use of moisture-wicking material to prevent sweat from clinging to the fibres, alongside a lightweight construction. In short, the design of performance clothing is carefully considered to ensure ultimate comfort and flexibility when exercising. 

There’s certainly a lot of performance clothing out there, so the big question is how do you choose the right brand for you? When choosing quality performance gear it’s important to look at the materials used to make it, and how it suits the activities you’ll be doing. So, with so much performance clothing out there, why should you consider Red Original? Never compromising on the quality of our materials or processes, these are just a few of the key features that make Red’s performance clothing stand out…

Use Of Dri Release™ Technology To Prevent Odour 

Both our performance t-shirt and performance long sleeve top are made using specialist Dri-release™ technology. This innovative technology prevents bad odours from clinging to the fibres of the clothes, keeping you feeling fresh for long periods of time, even when you’ve just finished an intense workout. Helping you to stay more comfortable when exercising, this technology will keep you feeling fresh if you’re heading for coffee or to meet friends after you’ve been exercising.

Practical For Use Both On & Off The Water

As passionate water users and lovers of the great outdoors, it was super important to us that our performance clothing would be practical for any adventure. The lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that we’ve chosen dries four times faster than cotton. This keeps you dry and cool when sweating, whether that’s at the gym, on a run, a hike. However, it also ensures you dry off in extra quick time, even if you fall in the water! This makes our performance wear perfect for water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking, alongside on-land sports.

Fit For All Weathers

We believe that you should be able to enjoy quality time outdoors come rain or shine. The advanced fabric technology we use helps to regulate body temperature when on the go, ensuring you don’t get too hot or cold, whatever the weather conditions. Our performance t-shirt also has a 50+ UPF protection rating to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. In colder weather however, the lightweight fit of the t-shirt makes it perfect for use as a base layer to add outer layers on top of. The Red Original performance long-sleeve top is breathable and moisture-wicking to prevent overheating, but also has thumb holes and a high neckline to keep you warm in cold weather. Our lightweight active jacket has a 5k waterproof rating, as well as underarm vents to enhance breathability and prevent overheating.

Flattering Yet Comfortable In Fit

When creating our performance clothing we wanted to create items that could be worn on the water or on a run, but that didn’t look out of place at the gym or at a coffee shop. We’ve ensured that our long sleeve top and t-shirt have a flattering fit, while still prioritising comfort. That’s why they’re made using stretch fabric and flatlock seams to enhance comfort. The active jacket also benefits from a 4-way stretch fit to optimise comfort and provide plenty of flexible movement, whatever the activity, whether that’s paddle boarding, running, hiking, or so on. 

Packed With Innovative Features

All aspects of Red’s performance clothing are designed with the wearer at the forefront, with every feature aimed at enhancing their enjoyment and success in outdoor activities. That’s why we’ve included practical features like a concealed pocket in our performance t-shirt and long-sleeve top for storing keys/money. In addition to this, the active jacket has a reflective trim detail to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. 

If you’d like further details on any of our performance clothing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.