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5 Ways To Maximise The Benefits Of SUP Yoga

Posted by Alex Clasper

SUP yoga offers an experience like no other, combining the foundations of yoga with time spent on the water on a paddleboard. While SUP yoga demands a lot from our bodies and is by no means easy, the activity has grown rapidly in recent years and this phenomenon can largely be attributed to the huge range of benefits that SUP yoga can bring

As the popularity of SUP yoga continues to surge, make sure that you are enjoying the yoga experience to the fullest and enjoying all of the benefits by following these straightforward tips:

Practice The Basic Paddling Technique

While SUP yoga is undoubtedly a very different experience compared to racing or touring on a stand-up paddleboard, it should come as no surprise that many of the skills used span both activities. Before diving into SUP yoga, it’s therefore important to spend some time getting comfortable with a paddleboard and basic paddling technique as paddling proficiently develops the basic balance and core strength required to stay stable when practising SUP yoga poses. With these foundational skills, you can then focus on your breath, poses, and connection with the water and enjoy the mindfulness benefits of SUP yoga, rather than getting distracted by struggling with your balance and movement on the board. 

Try A SUP Yoga Class

Another great way to ensure that you unlock the full benefits of SUP yoga is to attend a SUP yoga class. These classes are the perfect way for beginners to get introduced to the different movements included in SUP yoga and discover first-hand how to maximise the different benefits of SUP yoga. However, it’s not just beginners who can enrich their time on the water by taking part in a class. Given that SUP yoga classes are typically group sessions, these events bring together like-minded people in a supportive community atmosphere, allowing even the most seasoned SUP yogis to learn something new from the experience. 

SUP yoga classes typically run from late Spring into the Summer when the weather is warmest and the days are longer, so keep an eye out for timetables for classes near you and give it a go!

Go On A Retreat

If you try a SUP yoga class and love it, heading off on a SUP yoga retreat can be the perfect way to take the communal aspects of this activity to the next level. SUP yoga retreats typically span a weekend or a couple of days and take place in a stunning and relatively remote location, giving you dedicated time to practise your yoga alongside other water-based and wellness activities. With such focused time, you can not only expect to develop your skills and balance but also benefit from an extended switch off from the busy nature of everyday life and return to your routine feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Wear The Right Clothing

The question of what to wear for SUP yoga is a tricky one but mastering your outfit can be key to enjoying the experience to its fullest as feeling comfortable will help you to relax and focus on the experience. Broadly speaking, you should wear something that promotes a full range of movement and doesn’t restrict you in any way. The weather will also play an important role in what you should wear so go for breathable moisture-wicking performance clothing in warm conditions and layer up when it’s colder. Ultimately there are no rules or set kit that you must wear, so think about what you feel good wearing and go from there. You could even wear a wetsuit if you are worried about falling in or feeling cold, though it is wise to choose a sportier and thinner style to ensure you can still move fully when transitioning between different poses. 

Use A Specialist Board

Lastly, have a think about the type of board you’re using (or will use) to hit the water. As SUP Yoga involves you moving on the board rather than propelling the board forward, you’ll soon find that you want to be using a SUP that’s tailored to a more static activity. The size and kind of grip on your board play a big role in deciding the perfect SUP yoga paddleboard, with the best option being a wide, thick and grippy board like our 10’8 Activ SUP. This specialist board combines the best features of an all-round paddleboard with enhanced stability to help you put thoughts of falling into the water to the back of your mind and enjoyment and mindfulness to the forefront.