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How To Plan The Ultimate Paddleboarding Holiday

Posted by Luke Green

Planning a paddleboarding holiday could be the perfect next step if you’re looking to embrace your sense of adventure in new ways. The beauty of paddleboarding is that it can be done almost anywhere in the world and, thanks to the portable nature of inflatable paddleboards, it’s much easier than you might think to pack up, jet off, and hit somewhere new.

Whether the idea of heading somewhere totally exotic is what really appeals to you or you’d like to stay close to home and enjoy a staycation with your paddleboard, we’ve got you covered. There are a few logistical considerations you’ll need to make before you head off on a paddleboarding holiday so follow our tips and we’re certain you can plan the perfect trip.

Choose Your Destination

Holiday planning always starts with making a tricky decision: where to go. There are so many different places you could consider visiting with your SUP, from the tropical paradise of the Caribbean to heavenly Corsica, and the picturesque Lake District to Cornwall’s famous beaches.

You might know exactly where you want to go from the very first moment you consider a paddleboarding holiday - in which case, jump straight to the next step. However, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of your destination possibilities it’s always a good idea to create some criteria to craft the perfect trip. How do you want to get there? Would you like a lake, beach or river setting? Are you seeking the sun? Once you’ve whittled down your answers to these kinds of questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you want to get from your trip and will be able to think more seriously about specific destinations.

Get The Right SUP

Having the right SUP is essential when heading off on any kind of paddleboarding holiday. If you’re travelling by plane then portability will be a non-negotiable, but having a board that’s easy to carry around and get from A to B is still crucial when travelling closer to home by car, rail or coach. 

An inflatable SUP should always be your starting point when choosing a travel paddleboard. Beyond simply being able to set up and pack away your board with ease, you’ll also need to pick something durable that can withstand the stresses of travel. Our Compact package is always a good choice if you’re going some distance away as it combines a full-sized, 12’0” SUP with our groundbreaking half-sized backpack for easy carrying. You might also want to consider investing in a specialist board like our 9’6” wild SUP or 8’10” surf SUP if you’re planning to hit the rapids or waves during your holiday.

Consider Other Equipment

The importance of having an easy-to-carry paddleboard is amplified further when you consider all of the additional extras you’ll need to take with you on your paddleboarding holiday. Our boards come complete with a suitably sized paddleboarding travel bag so that’s one less thing to worry about, but there are still several extras you’ll need to have sorted alongside all of your clothing, toiletries and tech. 

In some destinations, it’s a legal requirement to wear a buoyancy aid or airbelt PFD when paddleboarding so make sure you have done your research and purchase wisely before you set off if necessary. Think about how you’ll dry off and change when you’re out and about too. While warming up when you exit the water shouldn’t be an issue if you’re going somewhere hot, you’ll still need a reliable towel and a lightweight one like our microfibre towel will always be handy for packing and travelling light. Alternatively, you could invest in a quick dry changing robe for guaranteed convenience no matter where you might find yourself. 

Pack Properly

What you can pack will depend on your method of transport and any subsequent bagging restrictions but it’s generally advisable to pack as lightly as you can. Make the most of the space in your paddleboard bag and utilise soft items like your clothes and towel to protect any potential breakable items such as your pump, paddle and fin. Pop any valuable items like your camera into a waterproof dry pouch - this can slot easily into your hand luggage or any additional bag that you might take onto your transport with you for peace of mind. 

Before you set off, it’s also worth popping your full bag on your back and checking everything is okay. Adjust the straps tightly before you get going and move things around if it doesn’t feel comfortable. This will avoid any awkward repacking experiences in the airport or station and ensure that you can head straight to the water when you arrive. For more tips and tricks for packing all of your paddleboarding gear, check out our guide to travelling with a SUP.

Plan Your Trip

It’s always wise to have a bit of an idea of what your days will look like when you arrive at your destination. While we’re not saying you have to plan every single minute of your trip itinerary, make sure that you do some research beforehand, read up on destination-specific rules and make a list of SUP spots that you definitely want to visit while you’re on your holiday. You might also find that there are unique experiences like SUP yoga to try when you’re there. Book in if you can or find out exactly where you need to go when you do arrive for a seamless trip. 

Get Exploring!

With the ultimate paddleboarding holiday planned and booked, simply get exploring! Proper preparation means that you should be able to arrive at your chosen destination, check-in and hit the water. 

If you would like any more tips or recommendations for your paddleboarding holiday, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.