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Red Original’s Summer Beach Essentials For Kids

Posted by Lydia Burdett

If you’re planning a holiday or looking for ways to keep the kids entertained closer to home as the summer break looms closer, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the beach. Kids of all ages love spending time on the sand and in the sea and there are plenty of different beach activities you can try to enjoy a memorable day away from the house and the screens. 

As well as equipment for any games to keep them entertained, there are lots of summer beach essentials you might need to take with you to make the day go smoothly. From snacks to keep hunger at bay and suncream to keep kids safe, your beach bag can be bursting at the seams before you know it! Fortunately, we’ve compiled our simple list of top summer beach essentials. Let’s take a look at everything you might need for a stress-free trip…

Towelling Change Robe

One of the nicest parts of a beach day is the way the kids can hop in and out of the water whenever they feel like it. Rather than having them get changed back into their clothes to stay warm every time they get out of the water, make sure you pack one of our awesome towelling change robes. This handy wearable towel simply pops over their head and will keep them both covered and dry, whether they’re exploring rockpools or taking a moment to relax after swimming or bodyboarding. Plus, our towelling change robes are incredibly spacious and lightweight so changing is a breeze when it is finally time to go home!

Dry Poncho

If the forecast is less forgiving but the beach is still calling, look no further than the Red Original Dry Poncho. This beach essential for kids features a great over-the-head design with a zipped neck, perfect for throwing on and changing in record time no matter the weather. Available in a range of kid-friendly colours, this kids beach poncho is also a great way of ensuring your kids stay seen and visible when they head off and play independently. Subtle reflective detailing finishes the fuss-free design, guaranteeing that your kids will stay warm, dry and safe when splashing about all summer long. 

Kids Paddle Board

For confident swimmers and kids with a keen sense of adventure, you’ll also need to consider what kind of beach activities to take with you. Paddleboarding is a fantastic option if you think your kids are ready to try something new - and a summer beach trip is the perfect time to try it! With this in mind, our 3-in-1 Kids Paddle Board takes the next spot on our list of summer beach essentials. Designed especially for kids and suitable for paddleboarding, surfing and windsurfing, this robust and easy-to-use board is the perfect way to give kids ownership of their time in the water and help them master new skills. Our kids paddle board is also exceptionally easy to carry and transport to the shore, making it the perfect companion for summer beach days both near and far.

SUP Buoyancy Aid

If you are planning to introduce your kids to paddleboarding at the beach this summer, remember that it’s also the perfect opportunity to make sure they are aware of how to stay safe on the water. Give them the freedom to explore on their own terms but talk them through practical but important safety tips like always staying where they can be seen. It’s also important that you invest in beach safety essentials like a correctly fitting Buoyancy Aid. Ours is designed and available in a kid-friendly cut, ensuring there will be no arguments when it comes to getting ready to explore safely.

Microfibre Towel

When it comes to summer beach essentials, a kids beach towel is an item that cannot be forgotten. Instead of taking a bulky towel that’s hard to pack and weighty when wet, we suggest opting for a microfibre towel instead. These compact and lightweight towels are perfect for taking the whole family to the beach as they will help the kids dry off in seconds but will take up just a fraction of the space in your beach bag. Our microfibre towel also dries off much faster than the average beach towel, meaning that it will be ready and waiting every time the kids get in and out of the water. 

Insulated Water Bottle

Last but not least, don’t forget the snacks and drinks needed to keep smiles on faces. Pop your picnic or beach BBQ ingredients into a cool bag and fill up a Red Original Insulated Water Bottle with the kids' favourite drinks. These highly durable and kid-proof bottles are perfect for staying hydrated on even the hottest summer days as they keep the content cold for up to 24 hours. Our insulated water bottle will also keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours - perfect for an evening beach trip rounded off with a hot chocolate.

So there you have it, our hand-picked beach essentials for kids! We do not doubt that you’ll be eager to get packed and get to the beach, but if you have any questions about any of our summer beach essentials then don’t hesitate to get in touch.