9'4" Snapper 3-in-1 MSL Kids Inflatable Paddle Board - Anniversary

A board for little rippers that does it all

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  • SUP, Windsurfing or Surfing – the choice is yours with this adaptable 3 in 1 board.
  • Kids will love easily switching between sports on a board of their own.
  • Unrivalled durability makes the Snapper ‘child-proof’.
  • All the same quality features you expect from a Red Paddle Co Board, the Snapper is made to the same rigorous standards as the rest of the range
  • Unbeaten package includes world’s best SUP pump the Titan II, ATB Transformer Bag and coiled leash.
We love to get everyone on the water, and kids are no exception. Discover, enjoy and progress with three different watersports with this super practical...

We love to get everyone on the water, and kids are no exception. Discover, enjoy and progress with three different watersports with this super practical board.

The Snapper’s dimensions make it easy for young riders to manoeuvre and enable kids to hone their skills without being constrained to one particular sport. Easily transition between SUP, Windsurfing and surfing with removable handles and removable centre fin.

Years in development, our exclusive MSL material made from specially produced, high-density drop stitch gives a stronger and stiffer core means that not only are you setting your kids up for success, but the Snapper can handle anything you throw at it.

For kids up to 60kg.

Recommended set-up:

Remove deck handle and centre fin for surfing.

Remove centre fin for SUP.

Fit centre fin for Windsurfing. Windsurf Rig available separately - the windsurf mast plate fits the Red Paddle Co universal joint, we recommend partnering with our 1.5M windsurf rig for children.

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Board Dimensions

Length 284cm (9’4”)

An ideal length for speed and stability whether you are paddling, windsurfing or wave-surfing.

Width 68cm (27”)

Perfectly proportioned, growing children will find the Snapper comfortable to paddle as well as super stable.

Thickness 10cm (4”)

Being 22% thinner than the average board, a 4” board gives paddlers a lower centre of gravity. This dramatically improves stability and control thanks to less surface area to be blown around in the wind as well as being quicker to inflate.


  • Backpack
  • Pump
  • Fins

ATB Board Bag

Our ATB inflatable paddle board backpack has evolved for 2022, a large 160 litre internal capacity with plenty of room for kit and a new expandable storage compartment means you can keep items separate while on the move.

The storage compartment means the ATB is great for those looking to use the bag during a variety of activities.

This backpack is even more comfortable to carry with the addition of adjustable ergonomic support for your back and shoulders.

Paddles now comfortably pack away to the velcro securing system and the blade is safely stored in the interior blade pocket. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be quickly stored and are easily accessible at any point. can be packed securely away and easily accessible.

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ATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board BagATB Board Bag

Titan II SUP Pump

The Titan II Pump is the world's first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump. It's designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half. Constant innovation has led to us testing the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such, we're confident that there's nothing quite like the Titan II pump on the market.

The Dual Cylinder system, combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the energy used to inflate your board. It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.

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Titan II SUP PumpTitan II SUP Pump

Twin iFin + 9" Touring Fin

The 3 in 1 Snapper comes with two super durable, flexible iFins, making the it straighter and faster to paddle than a three fin set-up. The iFins also provide increased agility and performance in the surf and make the board easier to pack down into its bag. No need for tools, spares or replacements, the iFins can take a beating and are super easy to reshape if they get bent.

Want to try your hand at windsurfing, use the 9" Touring fin in windsurfing mode in the removeable centre fin box. 



9'4" Snapper 3-in-1 MSL Kids Inflatable Paddle Board - Anniversary


9'8" Ride MSL Inflatable Paddle Board

Board Length 9'4" 9'8"
Board Thickness 4" / 100mm 3.93" / 100mm
Board Volume 151 litres 186 Litres
Board Weight 8 kgs 9.70kg / 21.38lb
Board Width 27" / 686mm 31" / 787mm
Bag Size 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d) 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d)
Bag Volume 134 litres 134 Litres
Fins Moulded Twin iFin Moulded Twin iFin
Paddle Options 2023 Tough Small Hybrid Tough, Prime

Product Features

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Board Technology

Tec Air: Pioneering Paddle Board Design

At Red Paddle Co, we sweat the small stuff. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality, and that’s why we’re the only inflatable SUP brand that makes boards in its own private facility. We use innovative materials and manufacturing techniques to produce superior-quality products you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike other paddle board companies out there, we never compromise on quality and innovation. We’ve taken standard inflatable technology and redesigned almost every aspect of it to deliver a truly outstanding board.

Our products are of the highest quality, offering safety and durability that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Before any of our board designs go into production, we carry out extensive research and testing to make sure your board performs when you need it to most (we even ran over one of our boards with a tractor…it was fine.) It then takes us 72 hours to make each individual board – that’s ten times longer than the industry average. This whole process is know as Tec Air and is how we refine and develop our boards at every stage of production. By focussing in on the key areas of the production process we have been able to identify ways we can improve the end result. Whether it be detailing exactly where and how the layers are bonded or how the rocker curve is applied to the board, no area of the design process is ignored.

It’s worth knowing that the key areas of construction are inside the board, two while any two boards might look the same…they can be world’s apart in how they’re constructed. Our attention to detail on the inside ensures the best experience on the outside.

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MSL: The Difference Is In The Detail

Our exclusively-owned MSL Fusion technology provides unrivalled stiffness, weight-saving stability and a superb cosmetic finish. Together, with our patented RSS stiffening system, we make the most durable inflatable boards on the market.

MSL is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process and is exclusive to Red Paddle Co, here’s why…

A SUPERB COSMETIC FINISH – All Red Paddle Co boards have an industry-leading cosmetic finish. No wrinkles or blemishes. The boards look cleaner and smoother and even feel better to the touch.

WEIGHT-SAVING BUT STABLE – All Red Paddle Co boards are up to 2kgs lighter than our previous double layer construction. But very importantly they are not too light. If a board is ultra-light it is more affected by wind and current while on the water. MSL boards have a reassuring lightweight feel.

STIFF AT LOWER PRESSURES – Due to the Torsion Stiffness effect all Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer at lower pressures compared to other products on the market. We recommend a pressure of between 16-22psi. Less pumping and more paddling.

ENHANCED DURABILITY – The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Co boards is tough and durable. With our third generation of MSL material now in use, our boards are more durable than ever.

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9'4" Snapper 3-in-1 MSL Kids Inflatable Paddle Board - Anniversary

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