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Red’s Must-Have Paddle Board Accessories For Beginners

Posted by Luke Green

While it is true that you need little more than a good quality SUP to enjoy the water, the right accessories can really enhance the initial plunge into paddleboarding as a beginner. It doesn’t take long to catch the bug and you’ll quickly want to venture faster, further and for longer. From fuss-free safety essentials to items that will make you more comfortable in and out of the water, these must-have paddle board accessories will help you safely turn a casual hobby into a lifelong love affair.

Safety Leash

When you’re just getting to grips with paddleboarding, one of the most vital accessories you must have is a safety leash. Accidental falls are a natural part of learning to stand up and a safety leash ensures that your SUP stays within easy reach at all times, preventing untimely drifts and allowing you to easily hop back on board after a splash. All Red paddleboards come with a leash so getting in the water safely couldn’t be easier, though an additional quick-release safety leash waist belt can be a particularly great choice for paddlers looking to go out in faster moving water.

Waterproof Dry Pouch

There’s no getting around the fact that you have to take some of your belongings with you when you go paddleboarding. Many beginner paddlers like to take their phone or a camera to share snaps with friends, and you’ll of course need somewhere to stow your keys and wallet without the risk of them getting drenched and damaged. This makes a waterproof dry pouch a must-have paddle board accessory. Cleverly attachable to the bungee straps of your SUP, the totally watertight and durable design of our waterproof dry pouch ensures you can keep your valuables within safe reach as you explore.

Buoyancy Aid

The invaluable benefits of buoyancy aids make them must-have paddle board accessories for beginners. It’s natural to fret about staying afloat when you are first getting used to the water, but a buoyancy aid allows you to focus on honing your skills safe in the knowledge that you will stay afloat should you fall off. If you can, choose a buoyancy aid designed specifically for paddleboarding like Red’s SUP buoyancy aid. Cut specifically to guarantee an easy range of movement, the Red buoyancy aid keeps you comfortable as well as safe so that you can build confidence quickly

Changing Robe

Remember that the paddleboarding experience starts as soon as you start making your way to the water and finishes when you’re all dry and packed away. A changing robe is a must-have paddle board accessory for anybody starting to get a bit serious about their new hobby, offering a discreet and warm way to transition from water to land. There are all kinds of different changing robes on offer so think about when you tend to go paddleboarding before making a purchase. If you’re an all-weather adventurer, a warm and cosy changing robe like the Pro Change Robe EVO will be a perfect choice. 

Silent Air Remover

Though the relaxing and tranquil nature of paddleboarding makes it so attractive to beginners, the process of deflating your board could not be more different. We’ve all been on the beach and heard the horrific shrieking sound produced by someone deflating their paddleboard, and there’s no escaping the fact that this noise really disturbs the peace. A silent air remover is a must-have paddle board accessory if you want to restore the calm that brought you to the wonderful world of paddling in the first place. Simply connect to the valve of your SUP and enjoy both fast and quiet deflation. 

With the right accessories, you’re ready to hit the water. Find some inspiration with our places to paddle, remember your SUP safety, and happy paddling!