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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Active Kids 2023

Posted by Alex Clasper

With Christmas merely weeks away, it’s time to step up your Christmas shopping. Though we expect your children will have a carefully curated list packed full of ideas, the Christmas elves will be well on their way towards making these gifts and you’re probably starting to wonder what else you can get that will be instantly loved. 

If your child loves the outdoors, don’t panic. Active kids are some of the easiest to buy for! Whether it’s a new piece of equipment, fun accessory or overdue upgrade, there’s always something you can get that will take their adventurous side to another level. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best Christmas gifts for active kids with options to suit all outdoor pursuits and budgets. 

3-in-1 Snapper Kids Paddle Board

If you’ve got the means to go big this year, why not get your child their very own Red paddleboard. This kids inflatable paddle board package has everything your child needs to develop a lifelong love of being on the water, including our best-selling kids-sized SUP as well as their very own ATB transformer bag and titan II pump. The board itself is made from Red’s famous and highly durable MSL technology, so you can be certain you are making an investment that will last long after the Christmas tree comes down. 

Kids Cruiser Tough Adjustable SUP Paddle

If your child has already got their own paddleboard, a new paddle can be the perfect way to keep them interested and improve their skills. The Red kids cruiser paddle is the same paddle included in our kids inflatable paddle board package and offers the toughness needed for child-friendly use. It’s built especially for shallower paddling and perfect for your next family-friendly adventure. 

Kids Dry Pro Robe

As a parent, you’ll almost definitely have experienced the hassle of trying to get your child changed quickly after they’ve been splashing about. It’s amazing just how quickly kids can get cold or uncomfortable once they’ve left the water, which is why we have worked hard to create the perfect kids changing robes. The Dry Pro Robe is the latest in a long line of kids changing robe evolutions. Totally waterproof, super snuggly, and easily visible, this is the perfect gift for active kids this year.

Kids Dry Poncho 

Alternatively, you might like to try out our new Kids Dry Poncho. Offering the same waterproofing and bold finish as the Dry Pro Robe, the poncho features our very first over-the-head design to make the actual changing process quicker and easier than ever before. Though exceptionally roomy, the poncho can be adjusted to suit a range of ages to guarantee that you’ll get plenty of value from this gift. 

Kids Towelling Change Robe

Or, if you’re not convinced your kid will get that much use out of a waterproof changing robe, a towelling changing robe could be the perfect gift this year. These lightweight, over-the-head robes are particularly fantastic at providing a little warmth and convenience when changing at the beach. You won’t need to worry about finding a changing room or suitable space for your child, simply throw one on over their head like a hoody and life will definitely be easier. 

Changing Robe Stash Bag

Whichever kids changing robe you go for this Christmas, why not make the gift complete with a changing robe stash bag? These handy little bags help to give your child ownership over their own belongings as they can quickly pack their robe into the lightweight pouch and go! The 12-litre capacity is more than enough space to fit any Red robe and you can choose from navy, black or green depending on which colour your child will like best!

Kids SUP Buoyancy Aid

A sustainable personal floatation device is essential for anybody who uses the water regularly and this one makes a great gift for any active kid that might need a little bit of a confidence boost. Red’s kids SUP buoyancy aid is designed especially for young paddlers up to 50kg and allows a full range of motion and complete shoulder rotation. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your child is as safe as they should be while they steadily work on improving their own paddling technique. 

Waterproof Dry Pouch

If your family likes to head out on all-day outdoor adventures or your kids are old enough to head out on their own with friends then there are a number of essential items they will want to take with them. Finding somewhere safe and secure to store this is key to ensuring your child stays safe and happy on every expedition. A waterproof dry pouch is a great way to carry all of the essentials but isn’t so big that it will get in the way of their curious nature. Simply zip up, clip on, and know that the padded exterior will keep items protected if dropped on the ground or in water. 

Insulated Water Bottle

No matter how old you are, staying hydrated is a key part of living an active lifestyle. Gifting your child their very own insulated water bottle is a great way to encourage them to drink more water. They could take theirs to school or with them on their next SUP adventure and enjoy a nice cold drink on the go. Plus, this water bottle is exceptionally kid-proof. The strong steel construction is sure to withstand the years of hard use that kids will inevitably throw at it. 

Paddle Board Camera Mount

Last but certainly not least, if your little explorer is also a bit of a creative, why not combine their passions with a paddle board camera mount? This clever bit of kit secures neatly onto their Red paddleboard to help create some epic SUP shots. Whether they want to take photographs or experiment with short video clips, it’s a great gift for encouraging children to appreciate the world around them and let their artistic side run wild!