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5 Reasons To Get A Red Paddleboard Before The Summer

Posted by Alice O'Hare

Forgive us if it sounds like we’re getting carried away, but the summer months really are just around the corner. The evenings are only going to get lighter, the temperatures warmer, and peak paddleboarding season will soon be in full swing. It can be tempting to wait until summer officially kicks off to plan your next adventures and get your equipment in check, but if you want to get the most out of your paddling then the perfect time to prepare is now. Getting a new board now at the start of the season means you’ll have the whole of summer to enjoy it!

With unparalleled board technology and an exceptional ride across all our models, your summer adventure companion should always be a Red paddleboard. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s why it’s worth getting ahead of the seasons and getting a Red paddleboard right now.

Improve Your Paddling Skills

Whether you’re investing in your first board or upgrading a starter SUP, your priority should always be choosing a board that allows you to paddle as proficiently as possible. Plus, with longer summer days ahead and more time to spend on your board, it can be hugely beneficial to paddle on something that is designed to do some of the work for you. Red paddleboards are built with exactly this in mind, with the very best board technology at the heart of the design and construction process. Our unique MSL technology is exceptionally durable and offers considerably more stability than a cheap alternative so that you can spend the summer feeling confident and safe on your board. 

Get Specialised

The popularity of more specialised ways of paddleboarding has grown hugely in recent years. Growing numbers of thrillseekers are taking on new challenges such as SUP racing, white water paddling and long-distance expeditions, and a Red paddleboard could help you to join them if you want to embrace your own sense of adventure and take on a challenge this summer. Our wide range of specialist paddleboards has been carefully designed to meet the demands of different ways of paddling. Go fast on the Elite board, plan your summer travels with the Voyager, or hit the rapids Wild style.

Travel Easily

It’s at this time of year that thoughts of the summer holidays start to creep in and whether you’re making plans to head away or want to enjoy some rest and relaxation by waters closer to home, a Red paddleboard can transform your summer travels. All of our inflatable paddleboards are designed for easy transportation - simply deflate, pack away, pop on your back and be on your way! If you want to really push boundaries and take your board abroad or to the other side of the country, check out our Compact range. Get yours now and you’ll be able to plan a summer unlike any before. 

Enjoy A Family Adventure

If your summer planning involves thinking of activities for kids or the whole family, paddleboarding should be at the very top of your list. It’s likely that you will already have considered how you can get the kids out on the water, but what you might not realise is that we have a board specially designed for little paddlers: the Kids’ 3 in 1 Snapper. Paddleboarding with kids can require patience and practice, so it’s a great idea to get their board early and get them comfortable with it during the quieter spring period. This way, they’ll be raring to go when the summer months hit and you will have no trouble heading off on a fun-filled family adventure. 

Paddle All Summer Long

If recent years are anything to go by, the weather in summer can be unpredictable and sometimes the conditions are better in May than they are in August! While it can be tempting to hold out and wait to invest in a new board, getting your Red paddleboard before the summer starts ensures that you are ready and prepared to head out at the first sight of sunshine. Plus, all of our boards come with a 5-year warranty as standard so you can be sure that you are making a worthy investment for both this year and those to come!